At ArkWelding, we specialize in Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding on molds, patterns and dies. The majority of our work is on dies, doing repair work from production crashes to adding stock on existing die sets.

You will be pleased with our precision welding. The foot of our welds will end right at your scribe lines every time.

We know how to correctly add stock on A-2 and D-2 die steels using sound pre-heating and post-heating. We make sure that difficult-to-reach areas are properly welded with stock additions to maximize die life. Our quality welding techniques will eliminate porosity or cracking problems.

Yes, getting broken die steels back together is challenging, but at ArkWelding, we do just that. You can count on us!

We are located in Muskegon and provide precision welding for industries throughout Western Michigan.

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Mark Ferguson
Cell: (231) 740-7675
Email: mark@arkwelding1.com

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Our Work

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